All Posted Innovation Challenges
A large US based bank is looking to develop SME Banking App that could integrate with quickbooks and other third party app
US based Banking Client is looking for azure developers who have prior experience of setting up Datalake on Azure
Enel X is interested in identifying new and effective technologies/solutions – ideally based on the open source paradigm - that leverage open data as main input and synergize with their current solutions to deliver added value within our Public Services Offering. Solutions have to be cost-effective making Enel X comp
The competition invites innovators to build augmented reality interface for first responders or develop smart city data streams to simulate disaster scenarios. Augmented Reality Contest: Create AR interfaces for first responders (heads-up displays) or incident command (holograms), utilizing smart building and person
The Gawler Challenge invites innovators to interrogate a world class open-file datasets and innovate in the area of data and geology to help uncover new mineral discoveries. The challenge is to identify or predict areas of potential mineralisation within the Gawler region, using any t
The challenge is to uncover a technology solution that will ensure the best practice and decision making to reduce the impacts of spray drift in order to improve agricultural productivity, profitability and susta
The challenge is to develop a scalable, reliable, and cost-effective early-warning system prototype to forecast and monitor vector-borne diseases in order to contribute to the prevention of
CMS Hub Website Challenge is a call to all the marketers, developers and web enthusiasts to showcase their website and have a chance to win prizes wor